My Experience

I think of myself as an ordinary person who has overcome some extraordinary things.

This isn’t to say that these things have been any harder than the daily struggles faced by people every single day, but I would say that I have changed my life for the better in the face of adversity.

To put it bluntly, I am a survivor of childhood abuse and neglect.

I have experienced, fought against and survived mental health issues, including depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts.

I have changed my life from one of obesity, substance abuse, and lethargy to one of good physical and mental health. I am substance-free.

I have outgrown a dysfunctional and dangerous family environment to become a good father and husband.

I have learnt a lot about escaping past and future thought, and try to live in a spiritually aware present.

I run, swim, read, and write. In fact, writing is one of my passions and helps me make sense of the world (Take a look at my blog posts above)

I decided to become a life coach because I know that changing your life for the better IS possible. Happiness is possible. Fulfillment is possible. Physical and mental well-being is possible.

All of these things are possible despite the odds and despite your circumstances.

Before / After

I know that you can become the person you want to be and enjoy the things you want from this life. You can do it, even if right now you think that you can’t.

Most importantly, I’ve learnt HOW to tackle challenges, and break things down so that they become realistic and manageable.

I’ve also had over 15 years of coaching experience in a corporate environment, as well as personal coaching & mentoring experience.

There is no better experience than life, and I’ve been there but I’ve also had the practical coaching experience necessary to support others.

I’ve successfully coached people who want to find their way to the things that make them happy, ask deep questions of themselves, and find the route to their goals in a tangible, manageable, and measurable way.

I’ve helped people to form good habits, and show themselves they CAN achieve the things that are important to them.

I’ve mentored young adults to help them find confidence in themselves. I’ve helped individuals in more comfortable situations push themselves to the next level in their lives.

I can help you understand why you limit yourself.

The first step is just knowing that you WANT something to change

The second step is to do something about it, and i’d really like to help

Thanks for listening



BSc Sociology – 1st Class w/Hons

Diploma in Life Coaching


15 years corporate coaching experience within senior management roles


Mentor for disadvantaged young adults at Soft Touch Arts (see link below)