What benefits can I get from coaching?

Life coaching is a creative process that allows you to think about how you can enact positive and meaningful change in your life. Often the desired destination is known, but requires shaping, assessing and breaking down into meaningful, manageable and appropriate steps. This is sometimes difficult without a supporting partner. The real benefit for you is that coaching will empower you reach your own conclusions. I don’t provide the answers, but rather help you to uncover them, empowering you to take the steps required to meet your goals. It is important to note that life coaching ISN’T a replacement for counselling, psychotherapy, or any other medical treatment. This is explained in the coaching agreement.

Who can benefit from Life Coaching?

Literally anyone can benefit from this type of coaching. It may be that you want a space to explore possibilities for you in your life, or confront something specific like overcoming confidence issues, transforming your career, transforming your health, overcoming fear, removing challenges and barriers in order to reach goals. If you want support to build a plan to reach your goals and be held accountable for this, then you can benefit from life coaching. It may be as simple as “I want to change my life for the better but I need support with figuring out exactly what I want”. The coach’s role is to facilitate, question and challenge you to help you reach your own conclusions in relation to these things. The coach is your partner.

Where/How does the coaching take place?

Coaching can take place in a variety of ways. Usually sessions are conducted online via Skype/Zoom. In some situations I am able to offer face-to-face sessions (usually determined by location). The process starts with an initial assessment of your goals/aims, followed by a series of structured sessions to review the reality of your situation, your options, and the way forward. Due to the nature of coaching, the structure of these can fluctuate depending on the direction taken. It’s often the case that individuals begin with a goal in mind, but as part of the coaching process realise that the goal has changed. We adapt to this as part of the process.

Is the coaching confidential?

In short, yes. All information or data gathered through the coaching process is subject to ‘common’ U.K. law and is bound to a ‘duty of confidentiality’. Any sensitive data is treated in line with GDPR legislation. Complete definitions surrounding confidentially, data, and data protection can be found in the YouBuu Coaching Agreement (sample attached in the section below)

Do you have a coaching agreement or contract?

Yes, it is important for both parties that all obligations and expectations of the service are made clear. The agreement contains important information about what coaching is, what it isn’t, cancellation, and data protection/confidentiality. Before coaching takes place, both parties must complete and sign this agreement. Please see the attached sample agreement