Mary Barker

“I just wanted to share my journey and contact with Stu. I have struggled for some time with feelings of ‘not being good enough’ and feeling like there was always someone better than me. I approached Stu for some coaching when I wanted to apply for a senior position in my current workplace. I found that these unhelpful thoughts were really getting in the way of me progressing in my life. Stu offered a listening ear, asked the right questions which supported me to reach a solution that felt right. I applied for the post, didn’t get an interview, got excellent feedback, but more importantly, I could rest easy knowing that I had done my best and that the job role didn’t define who I am. Nothing does,I do!. Needless to say that since taking this approach and reflecting on Stu’s coaching, I have been on a frequency that has attracted numerous opportunities including: a paid acting job, a well paid role following an interview I had last year, an offer to be PA to an artistic director, and an invitation by 2 theatre companies to be involved in some local productions. I’m so grateful to Stu for his wisdom, love, warmth for people and zest for life… a genuine good guy!”

Mary Barker, Aspiring Actress!

I decided to approach Stuart just before Christmas last year about some life coaching. Stuart has been amazing and really helped me to become more self aware and truly understand myself. I know I have a real understanding about my own values and truths, all thing I had forgotten about over the years of being a mother and putting everyone else first. Since I started my sessions I have booked a holiday for the first time in over a decade, started Yoga, and generally gained a more positive, happy outlook about MYSELF that I never thought would happen!! Stuart is a true professional, warm, understanding, and supportive of the challenges you may go through whilst he helps you work things out. Stu- thank you for your time, wisdom, generosity, understanding, and above all belief in what you do to help others”

Emily Holt, Beauty Therapist
Stuart Birley

I started 2019 saying things like “I’m off kilter”, “something is missing” and “i’m not sure where i’m heading”. I felt like I was at a crossroads in my life.

Cue medication (something I only freely admit now to taking), CBT sessions for overcoming crippling anxiety, low self esteem, perfectionist traits and overthinking.

I’ve had to do an awful lot of inwards reflection this past year to discover more about myself and my interactions with the world.

After a breakdown in August and a tricky December with some unexpected life changing situations I got to the point where I said ‘enough is enough’

And so I went into the New Year feeling ready to have some honest conversations with myself.

This is where the fantastic Stuart McPherson and Youbuu Life Coaching entered the equation.

My expectations were that the coaching might help me to look at a few questions that I was struggling to find the answers to.

6 weeks later it turned out that I had all the answers

There were a few analogies that helped me to epitomise the life changing conversations that we had.

1. Think of me (the coach) as a magic mirror, only this mirror asks you questions to help you reflect.

2. Life is a vast ocean, why waste time and energy trying to fight it. Why not ride any storm and go with the flow.

For me personally I started the coaching by making excuses as to why my new business ideas had never taken off.

6 sessions later I realised that it WAS about me after all!

I needed to realise the REAL me before anything else.

Youbuu has unlocked parts of my brain to think in more logical ways.

It has also given me the confidence and commitment to undertake my new initiative.

And as a website with 130+ hits in the first 48 hours would suggest, things are more exciting despite not being how I had originally planned it in my head.

Day by day I am now enjoying the journey and the opportunities that are falling my way.

Thank you, I owe you so much Stuart McPherson!

Stuart Birley, Founder of thoughtsandi.com & Mental Health Advocate